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About The Wee Show

The Weee Show is for children, but children. Twins Zack and Ollie choose a weekly animal, video game and "sweet" and share their thoughts and enthusiasm on their objects with anyone who cares to join in the fun!

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Brian Dykstra is an accomplished actor and writer and Counter Intelligence marks his first starring role on the Internet. Learn more about Brian here.

X Days Project

The idea behind the X-Days project is that people will take on a life project over a set amount of time and report daily on their progress. The first show, starring writer Andrew Watts was very interesting and quite popular.


StoryVine Entertainment is always on the lookout for interesting people who have passionate points of view. You don't need experience. We will collaborate with you on developing a show, train you on the technology and the performance skills you'll need to create a compelling original show starring YOU!

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact us and introduce yourself.

The Weeeeeee Show with Ollie and Zack

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